About Us

Founded in 1994 by Joshua Brownfield and Eric Anthony, Steady Clothing Inc. is Americana vintage-inspired men's and women's apparel designed and manufactured in the USA. From the style-savvy sales representatives, to the rock-n-roll warehouse staff, to the tattooed owners themselves, it’s easy to see from where the collections draw their inspiration.

“It is our goal to continuously deliver the latest styles with the Steady-touch,” Vice President Brownfield says. “Our look is classic, clean and never dated. The name speaks for itself; our style is "steady."

At its inception, Steady Clothing set its sites on offering something different to the world. Through its use of custom fabrics, novelty buttons, unique silk screening techniques, and incomparable workmanship, Steady has continued to be a leader in the fashion industry. Young, stylish and driven, the employees that make up Steady are a mirror image of its target clientele. The employees’ lifestyles are the perfect test-market for the clothes that the designers create to fit into their own wardrobes. The Company also focuses on independent retail stores to preserve the original, edgy style that it first envisioned. Additionally, Steady is made in the USA.

Known for cut-and-sew garments, Steady Clothing has now expanded its expertise to include custom silk screening, unique fabrics, embroidery, and custom buttons to the private sector. With applications to tees, hats, hoodies, zip joggers and more, the possibilities are endless. The brand’s unique style can be found outfitting the staff of the House of Blues, the The Yard House, The Improv, Floyd's Barbershop, and many local bars and restaurants throughout the United States and Canada. Steady Clothing has truly become a one-stop shop for all of its clients’ custom clothing needs.

Steady Clothing’s mission is simple: to create the highest quality product while staying true to its roots. While style and design are paramount, Steady will always remain focused on its foundations: relationships, honesty and pride in workmanship.
Steady Clothing Inc. Anaheim, CA USA
2851 East White Star Ave Unit A, Anaheim CA 92806 Customer Service 1 (714) 444-2058