Tips for Styling a Women’s Retro Look

Tips for Styling a Women’s Retro Look

Today’s fast fashion has a lot of people scrambling to keep up with the latest trends and styles. But trying to keep up takes a lot of time, effort, energy, and resources. Not to mention that so many modern fast-fashion clothes fall apart in just a few months of use.

Why not get out of the fast fashion race?

Retro fashion is timeless, practical, and most importantly, beautiful! Retro looks for women can be some of the most beautiful and flattering, not to mention easy, options.

Not sure how to make a retro-style look work for you? Here are a few tips on styling a women’s vintage-inspired look, and some ideas on how to incorporate vintage-inspired clothing into your everyday wardrobe:

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix and Match

A lot of women, especially women who are trying a vintage-inspired look for the first time, worry about mixing and matching clothing from different eras.

A style pulled entirely from the 60’s, 70’s, or another era can be stunning. But so can a look that pulls some of your favorite elements from different points in time.

 In fact, mixing and matching your vintage-inspired looks can help you create a unique silhouette and style all your own! Vintage clothing for women is still about finding a personal style and look that works for you. So, whether you’re reaching for retro style dresses for women, or are more likely to rock a top and skirt combo, it’s okay to pair older styles with modern accents.

Think About Color as Its Own Element

One of the tricks for making a vintage-inspired look stand out is to think about the colors of each element. Some color combinations can help give people a visual clue that you’re looking for a vintage style, like the combination of royal blue and brilliant yellow, or combining red and black elements to your outfits.

Certain patterns, like polka dots, can also be a visual clue.

There’s a reason one of the most popular vintage-inspired dresses for women, the Diva Dress, comes in black and red with polka dots!

Color and pattern are particularly important if you’re styling a look with some modern elements. By matching the color of the modern and vintage elements of your outfit you can create a look that feels cohesive even if you’re drawing on multiple different eras of fashion.

When it comes to a retro outfit for women, color can sometimes be even more important than silhouette or cut of a garment. Using retro color pairings can signal a retro or vintage inspired look, even when you’re wearing 100% modern pieces.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Skirts

One of the biggest challenges for gals looking to rock a retro look is how common skirts used to be. It can be intimidating to wear a skirt full time, especially since modern fashion often makes skirts something for nights out and not casual wear. Even in office settings, skirts are getting less common.

But that’s actually an advantage for your retro-loving gals!


Because wearing a skirt, especially a classic A-line or pencil skirt can really make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, these looks are classic and always professional.

Dresses Are Not The Enemy!

Another big hesitation for a lot of women interested in retro looks is related to dresses. Since dresses are less common outside of formal occasions a lot of women hesitate to wear them as a day-to-day part of their fashion.

But retro inspired dresses for women can be some of the most flattering outfits you can wear. These dresses offer clean lines and are simple and elegant enough for work wear, casual wear, and everything in-between.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tailor and Customize

The beautiful thing about wearing retro looks, from retro dresses for women to a more casual tees and skirts combo, is that you’re already going for a unique look.

That means that adding a few little touches that are specific to you, whether that’s tailoring a garment to fit better or adding a touch of embroidery or a press on detail to customize the look and make it yours.

One of the beautiful things about women’s vintage clothing is that it’s very much in-theme to customize your clothing. So, one way to look at it is to consider your retro garments a base you can build off of to create your own unique look!

Want to Expand Your Women’s Vintage Clothing Collection?

Looking for more retro inspired clothing to add to your existing wardrobe? Shop the Retro Gals clothing collection! We’ve got lots of different styles just waiting for you!

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